So in the midst of my America’s Next Top Model binge marathon I am on an episode where Clay Aiken is a guest star and the girls are freaking out and it’s really a great reminder that many people on these shows pretend to be excited for everyone who shows up whether they like or even know who they are.


if you told a majority of tumblr that gullible was written on the celing they wouldnt even look up they would just believe you

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Shout out to Bo burnham for calling shit tf out


charlie, i do a backflip every single day of my life

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.


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So my bosses gave me a $15 iTunes gift card and told me how much they appreciate me for always being there when they need me and staying late and it really made me feel good.

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